You can send an MT (mobile-terminated) message from your application, to your RockBLOCK, using this HTTP POST endpoint.

Your message will be queued immediately, and will be downloaded by your RockBLOCK when it next initiates an SBD session. If powered on, and has network availability, the RING ALERT signal will be asserted.


Warning: This API test page is connected to the live API.

Any tests conducted using this page will interact with real devices and will result in actual data being sent and credits being charged.

Please ensure you are aware of these implications before proceeding with any tests.

Response format:

The response body will be a list of values, separated by commas. The first value is the status and will either be OK or FAILED.

If the status is OK, the second value will be the mtId (mobile-terminated identifier).

If the status is FAILED, the second value will be an integer error code and the third value will be it's text description.

Error codes:

Error codeDescription
10Invalid login credentials
11No RockBLOCK with this IMEI found on your account
12RockBLOCK has no line rental
13Your account has insufficient credit
14Could not decode hex data
15Data too long
16No data
99System Error
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