Ring Indication Status

Exec Command: +CRIS
Exec Command: +CRISX



+CRISX supported on 9602 TA11002 only

Query the ring indication status, returning the reason for the most recent assertion of the Ring Indicate signal. The response contains separate indications for telephony and SBD ring indications.

The response is in the form:


indicates the telephony ring indication status:

0No telephony ring alert received
1Incoming voice call
2Incoming data call
3Incoming fax call

indicates the SBD ring indication status:

0No SBD ring alert received.
1SBD ring alert received.

is only present in the result from the extended form of the command (+CRISX). It is the 32-bit L-band Frame Number (i.e. Iridium System Time) of the most recent SBD Ring Alert message received from the network, presented in hexadecimal format (up to 8 characters). The value is invalid (or may refer to an earlier Ring Alert) if =0.



It is valid for the ISU to receive a telephony ring alert and an SBD ring alert at the same time. Assertion of the RI signal indicates only the presence of an alert; this command may be used to determine the type(s) of ring alert.