Write a Text Message to the ISU

+SBDWT=[<text message>]

This command is used to transfer a text SBD message from the FA to the single mobile originated buffer in the ISU.

The text message may be entered on the command line:

  • For example, AT+SBDWT=hello
  • The length of <text message> is limited to 120 bytes. This is due to the length limit on the AT command line interface.
  • The message is terminated when a carriage return is entered.

Alternatively, the text message may be entered separately:

  • Upon entering the command AT+SBDWT, the ISU will indicate to the FA that it is prepared to receive the message by sending the string READY<CR><LF> to the FA.
  • Once the FA receives the READY indication, the text message must be sent, terminated by a carriage return,
  • The length of the text message entered in this way is limited only by the maximum mobile- originated message length of 340 bytes.
  • The mobile originated buffer will be empty upon power-up.
  • If any data is currently in the mobile originated buffer, it will be overwritten.

Command Response

For the AT+SBDWT form:

0SBD message successfully stored in mobile originated buffer.
1SBD message write timeout. No terminating carriage return was sent within the transfer period of 60 seconds.

For the AT+SBDWT=<text message> form:

OKSBD message successfully stored in mobile originated buffer.
ERRORAn error occurred storing SBD message in mobile originated buffer.