What's the time?

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Whether you are recovering from an unexpected power loss, or simply want to ping for the latest time, you can use the AT-MSSTM command to receive Iridium network time in the form of a 32-bit unsigned number “XXXXXXXX”.

This number corresponds to the number of 90-millisecond frames elapsed since the new Iridium Time Era (ERA2) which superceded ERA1. The start of ERA2 is defined as May 11, 2014, at 14:23:55 UTC/GMT, while the start of ERA1 was March 8, 2007, 03:50:21.00 UTC/GMT. Please note that both ERA1 and ERA2 are different epoch times from UNIX epoch time, which is defined as the number of seconds elapsed since Jan 1, 1970 UTC/GMT.

/* Issue AT command */


/* Receive Response */


/* Request Iridum time */


/* Receive Response */

-MSSTM: <system_time> 

/* See MSSTM Key for information on parameter */



-No network service
-Current Iridium system time (XXXXXXX)


Make sure you are converting from the right Iridium Time Epoch (ERA2)

Future changes in Iridium time epochs will result in large changes to the number returned by AT-MSSTM. Make sure that the algorithm for converting Iridium time to local time is based on the latest ERA2 time epoch.

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