The RockBLOCK was featured in the following academic papers/theses in 2018:

Advancing multi-vehicle deployments in oceanographic field experiments

Author(s): António Sérgio Ferreira; Maria Costa; Frédéric Py; José Pinto; Mónica A. Silva; Alex Nimmo-Smith; Tor Arne Johansen; João Borges de Sousa; Kanna Rajan
Date: 10/2018

Design and Implementation of Embedded System for Nuclear Materials Cask in Nuclear Newcomers

Author(s): M. I. Youssef; M. Zorkany; G. F. Sultan; Hassan F. Morsi
Date: 8/2018

Payload Orientation Control and Stabilization

US Patent
Inventor(s): Raymond Hoheisel, Justin Lorentzen
Patent Number: US20180194467A1

Development of a hybrid autonomous underwater vehicle for benthic monitoring

Author(s): A. Cadena; P. Teran; G. Reyes; J. Lino; V. Yaselga; S. Vera
Date: 4/2018

Containerized IoT Solution for Efficient Mobile Vertical Handover (Thesis)

Authors(s): Amit Singh Gaur
Date: 2018

Development of a 2U CubeSat for Imaging the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Author(s): Sepehr Zangeneh
Date: 5/2018

IoT based Vaccine Carrier Monitoring and Self-Learning Algorithm to Optimize Power Consumption in Developing Countries

Author(s): Jungwook Mun
Date: 2/2018

A Component-Based C++ Communication Middleware for an Autonomous Robotic Sailboat

Author(s): Francisco J. Santana; Jorge Antonio; C. Domínguez-Brito; Jorge Cabrera-Gámez
Date: 2/2018