Switching RockBLOCK 9603 antenna mode

It's possible to select whether the RockBLOCK 9603 uses the internal patch antenna, or external SMA connector by changing the position of a small RF link cable.



This process should only be undertaken by a competent person with experience manipulating small RF and header connectors. Any damage caused by attempting this process will not be covered under warranty.

The UFL connectors involved are not designed for multiple mating cycles. Repeating this process more than 10 times is likely to cause damage to the UFL connectors and result in poorer RF performance.

1. Remove the 9603 module


Remove 9603 Module

Using a 1.5mm hex driver, remove the two machine screws fixing the 9603 module in place.


Take care!

The 9603 module has a relatively fragile connector. Once the screws are removed, take great care to disengage the connector without twisting or using excessive force.

2. Disconnect the UFL connector from the RockBLOCK PCB

The RF link will be attached to one of two UFL connectors on the RockBLOCK PCB. You need to carefully disconnect this. Do not detach the end of the RF link attached to the 9603 module.


You should use an appropriate UFL removal tool for this task. UFL connectors are not designed for repetitive mating cycles.


RockBLOCK PCB Layout

Reattach the UFL connector

Select the appropriate UFL connector on the RockBLOCK PCB and reattach the RF link cable. Take care to ensure that the connector mates properly.

Replace the 9603 module

Carefully connect the 9603 module to its header connector. Insert the support pillars. Replace the machine screws.